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Trento Valoriani Baby 75 Gas Pizza Oven with Black Metal Dome

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As a product expert in the pizza industry, I recommend the Trento Valoriani Baby 75 Gas Pizza Oven for its sleek design and high-quality performance. With its gas-powered heating system and durable metal dome, this oven ensures evenly cooked and delicious pizzas every time. Upgrade your pizza-making game with this professional-grade oven.

Perfect for professional use, especially for gluten-free pizza or for events.

The Baby series of wood-fired ovens combine the traditional Tuscan materials of refractory stone with a sleek, modern-looking dome. The luxury edition comes with a stainless steel arch and detailing. Practical to move, easy to install, and use: the quality of Valoriani refractory materials at the level of professional cooking directly at your home.

The Baby oven can be powered by wood or gas, guarantees uniform pizza cooking, and is capable of great performance despite its small size. Baby ovens require little maintenance and offer great satisfaction and the prestige of the Valoriani brand at the side of all your special occasions.

• Outside dome finished with high-gloss aesthetically pleasing painted mosaic and stainless steel arch.
• No extra finishing required.
• Comes with or without the luxury painted metal stand.
• The internal dome is created from refractory materials of professional quality.
• Bakery floor made of refractory Cotto clay stone.

Gas Type: Natural Gas
Pizza Capacity (dia 11”-12”): 2
Color/Material: Black Metal
Heating Time (From cold oven to 300°C / 572°F): 60-75 minutes
Flue Diameter: 6” (150 mm)
Arch Opening (WxH): 14” x 8” (360 x 210 mm)
MIN area required with or without base (WxD): 39” x 39” (1000 x 1010 mm)
Interior Dimensions (WxD): 29.5” x 13” (750 x 330 mm)
Net Weight: 485 lb. (220 kg.)
Net Dimensions (WDH): 39.8” x 39.4” x 25.2” (1010 x 1000 x 640 mm)
Gross Weight: 838 lb. (380 kg.)
Gross Dimensions (WDH): 45” x 45” x 41” (1140 x1140 x 1050 mm)
Included: Upper Stand Tube, Rain Cap, Shelf

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KoKOMo Grills&bbq island is an amazing outside bbq place. Braydee is a very professional sale man.


Kokomo grills were great and delivered everything they said they would and more. My wife and I are very pleased. Thanks so much.

Tim R

Excellent product and customer service Zach was super helpful in the sales process. Received our BBQ and Fire Table, they are both so nice!